Stress and Anxiety

You’re hard working and highly focused, but sometimes it feels like you’re chasing perfection

You have so much self-doubt and you feel stuck. At any moment you feel like everything might go wrong. 

Professionally, you keep noticing that you’re getting distracted more and more.

It’s becoming easier and easier to avoid tasks because it’s better to not do something than to try and to fail.

You’re a complex thinker and can be highly creative, but sometimes you keep your mouth shut because you’re worried what others will think about your ideas.

You don’t want to fail or look bad.

Physically, you have so much muscle tension and can’t control your headaches. Sometimes you have trouble sleeping because you feel so wired and then you wake up feeling exhausted and terrible. 

Deep down you feel like you need others to like you in order to feel like you are worth anything.

All of your achievements in your professional life make it harder for you to let your guard down and show people your true self, flaws and all.

But you don’t feel like anybody truly knows you and you just end up feeling lonely. 

In your relationships, you feel so overwhelmed and you sometimes lash out because you can’t contain this anxiety and fear anymore.

The people who really know you are telling you that you are too sensitive to criticism and that you have to stop being so anxious.

You wish it was that easy. 

You’re tired of overthinking.

It’s exhausting how much you overanalyze every situation in your life.  

You’ve always identified as being anxious. Even as a child you were so worried about meeting deadlines and you were scared about doing the wrong thing or getting in trouble. 

Accomplishments aren’t enough for you anymore.

You thought you had life figured out. Or at least you thought you would be on the path to figuring it out by now.

You’re not feeling totally satisfied in life and keep wondering what else is out there. You feel stuck. 

You daydream about the day that you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. You would breathe so much easier if you felt confident and didn’t second guess all of your decisions. 

You’re ready to form authentic, healthy relationships.

You want to live your life with purpose. 

That’s where I come in.

Therapy for Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Morgan Levy

When I work with people who are seeking therapy for stress and anxiety, I work with them to understand the root of where the anxiety came from.

We can work to understand how patterns established early in life impact you to this day. 

This insight can help you transform the way you’re living now so that your life isn’t controlled by overthinking and the persistent fear of not being good enough

We work together to incorporate techniques you can use in the moment so you can slow down and be present without feeling the need to constantly be putting on a performance.

We work on coping strategies so you can start to relax and not feel like your life is controlled by anxiety. 

You’re ready to gain clarity and create balance.

You know that your tendency to overthink and feel stressed has been with you for a long time. 

You know deep down that things aren’t going to change overnight. You’re ready to dig deep to get to the core of the issue. 

Let’s get started.