Boundaries and Relationships

Even though people often like you, they don’t know the real you.

You don’even know the real you. 

You’re able to form relationships, but they don’t feel substantial. You don’t know why it’s such a struggle for you to connect with others in a thoughtful and profound way. 

You crave deep connection, but sometimes you feel like you have to prove yourself to others and put on a performance. It’s so confusing and you don’t understand why you keep repeating the same patterns. 

When you’re around others it feels like you have to be strong and in control of your emotions. It seems like you feel alone no matter who you are with. You notice this in your romantic relationships, friendships, family, and even with your colleagues. 

You’re looking to connect with yourself AND others authentically. 

Somewhere along the way the pressure to perform led you to lose touch with who you really are. Sometimes it feels like you’re living life based off what you’re supposed to do. It’s almost like you have an ingrained need to make other people happy. 

It’s so hard for you to say no. 

You’re looking for ways to set boundaries without feeling so guilty.

When you’re faced with confrontation you tend to shut down. You feel a heavy pit in your stomach and feel so sad. You can’t stop thinking that maybe you aren’t good enough.

At times it can even feel like you’re hard to love. 

It’s likely that some of these feelings feel familiar to you. Maybe you remember stories from years ago where you felt similarly, had the same thoughts, and acted the same way. 

What if we could get to the source? What if we could go to where it all started? 

Imagine forming a relationship where you felt truly and deeply understood. Picture what it would feel like to form meaningful connections and not feeling ashamed of your flaws. 

I can help you get there. 

Therapy for Boundaries and Relationships with Dr. Morgan Levy

When you seek therapy to work on improving your boundaries and relationships, we can work together to help you understand how your past relationships and your upbringing impacts the way you act in your current relationships.

With this awareness and insight, you can learn how to connect with others authentically without always having your guard up.  We can explore the source of your struggles so you can move beyond feeling stuck in the same relationships

You want relationships that lift you up and leave you feeling energized. 

You can form deep, meaningful connections and feel truly understood by the people in your life. 

You can learn to say no and let go of what is not good for you.

You’re ready to feel confident in your relationships.