Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Everyone has a story to tell,
it’s time to tell yours.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

You don’t want to focus solely on symptoms – you want to get to the core.

You’ve tried so many of the typical self-help techniques. You’ve journaled, gone for walks, tried out yoga, and you’ve read ALL the books. You may even have been in therapy before and noticed some relief. But now you realize you need something more. You need to go deeper. You don’t know exactly how, but it’s become clear to you that you are the way that you are today because of experiences that have shaped you growing up. 

Sometimes it’s events from your childhood that you just KNOW formed who you are today. You just can’t get the memories out of your head. Maybe you’ve tried hiding it away, or just not thinking about it, but these memories won’t go away. 

Psychodynamic therapy offers you the chance to do a deep dive into your underlying emotions and understand how each area of your life  – work, family, relationships – all relate to each other. 

When I work with individuals who are pursuing this form of insight, we work together to grasp the fundamental root of where their difficulties came from. We work together to recognize how patterns established early in life impact them to this day.  

By exploring and truly understanding the reasons behind your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, you can work towards making the necessary changes to improve your life today. 

You’re ready to understand why you feel what you feel.  

It’s time to dive in. 

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