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You’re a high-achiever who feels like you’re failing at everything.

Everyone around you sees you as a successful, ambitious person who has achieved quite a lot. And it’s true.

Even though it appears like you have it all together, internally, it feels like you are wearing a mask and hiding who you really are. You don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Your inner critic is working full-time and points out every mistake you make.  You have such high standards for yourself and at times it feels impossible to meet them. It’s exhausting and leads you to doubt yourself.

You hold all of these feelings in because you’re scared of others seeing you as “too emotional” or “not sensible”, but there are times that it just feels like you just can’t hold it in anymore. 

It may seem like work has taken over your life and that you’re stuck beneath the mountain of tasks that you have placed upon yourself. It’s your dream to be able to finish your workday feeling satisfied and not emotionally drained.

In relationships, you can’t help but realize the same issues keep popping up no matter how hard you try to change or fix them. You keep everything in until it’s bottled up so much and then you just feel more alone. Even though you maintain this successful, rational image, you desperately crave emotional closeness and depth. 

You’re someone who wants to understand why relationships always feel so hard for you. 

You want to feel truly known in your relationships without feeling ashamed of your flaws. You’d love to address an issue as it happens without holding it in for days and days.

When you are lying in bed at night, you feel unfulfilled, but you don’t know why. It seems like this is how your life has always been and it feels almost impossible to change.

You are ready to attain clarity and understand yourself at a deeper level.

You’re looking for a perceptive therapist that will help you get to the source of your self-doubt and discover the root of the anxiety that is interfering with your life.

Dr. Morgan Levy, Licensed Psychologist in Florida

Meet Dr. Morgan Levy, Licensed Psychologist

Together, we will work to find those unconscious patterns that set you up for the same disappointments over and over again. You can be successful AND have a life full of meaning with the loving relationships that you deserve. 

In our work, I will help you to define what needs to change, where the problems started, and how to use that insight to create the life you really want. 

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