You’re full of so much dread.

You dread going to work. You dread going out. You wake up and you dread starting the day. 

It’s feels like you’re running on empty.

No amount of sleep is good enough. Even when you take a vacation, it doesn’t feel like you’re getting any rest at all. Taking a break hasn’t worked for you. 

In a world where expectations are growing, you’re so hard on yourself. You expect so much of yourself. You’re trying so hard to be the best for everyone and it’s wearing you down

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is dragging you underwater. It’s hard to manage all of your responsibilities and still maintain your composure. It’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated.

Maybe you’re procrastinating because everything is just too much for you right now. But then you feel like you’re falling further and further behind and you just want to give up. It feels like you can’t win. 

You have this internal pressure to put on a smile and not make any mistakes. It’s so draining. You feel like you have to hide what you really feel. It feels so lonely. 

It’s started to impact your personal life. It’s hard for you to enjoy spending time with your family and friends when you feel so depleted. 

You’re burned out. 

No matter how hard you try, days just feel like they’re on repeat. 

You miss the days where you felt lighter and happier. You used to enjoy work and felt excited to get things done. 

You want to be able to take time off of work without feeling guilty

You want to enjoy your vacations and go back to work feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

Imagine waking up full of excitement to start the day.

Imagine looking forward to spending time with the people in your life. 

It’s your dream to feel energized at work and at home.  

You want to feel truly happy about where you are in your life. 

I can help you get there. 

Therapy for Burnout with Dr. Morgan Levy 

In therapy, we will explore the root of where this burnout came from in order to truly understand why it’s there. If we work to understand the cause of this exhaustion then we can work on strategies to prevent it from coming back.  

You want a better understanding of what you want your life to look like. We can work together to help you live a more fulfilling and meaningful professional and personal life. 

You want to enjoy life without feeling like you’re beating yourself up all of the time. 

You’re ready to break out of the rut that you had fallen into at work and in life.

You’re ready to experience joy.