Psychodynamic Therapy

Even though people often like you, they don’t know the real you.

You don’even know the real you. 

You’re able to form relationships, but they don’t feel substantial. You don’t know why it’s such a struggle for you to connect with others in a thoughtful and profound way. 

You crave deep connection, but sometimes you feel like you have to prove yourself to others and put on a performance. It’s so confusing and you don’t understand why you keep repeating the same patterns.

You’re looking to connect with yourself AND others authentically. 

Somewhere along the way the pressure to perform led you to lose touch with who you really are. Sometimes it feels like you’re living life based off what you’re supposed to do. It’s almost like you have an ingrained need to make other people happy.

You’re looking for ways to set boundaries without feeling so guilty.

When you’re faced with confrontation you tend to shut down. You feel a heavy pit in your stomach and feel so sad. You can’t stop thinking that maybe you aren’t good enough.

At times it feels like you’re hard to love. 

It’s likely that some of these feelings feel familiar to you. Maybe you remember stories from years ago where you felt similarly had the same thoughts, and acted the same way. 

What if we could get to the source? What if we could go to where it all started? 

Psychodynamic Therapy with Dr. Morgan Levy

You’ve tried so many of the typical self-help techniques. You’ve journaled, gone for walks, tried out yoga, and you’ve read ALL the books. But you realize you need something more. You need to go deeper. You don’t know exactly how, but it’s become clear to you that you are the way that you are today because of experiences that have shaped you growing up. 

Psychodynamic therapy offers you the chance to do a deep dive into your underlying emotions and understand how each area of your life  – work, family, relationships – all relate to each other.

When I work with individuals who are pursuing this form of insight, we work together to grasp the fundamental root of where their difficulties came from. We work together to recognize how patterns established early in life impact them to this day.  

When you seek psychodynamic therapy, we can work together to help you understand how your past relationships and your upbringing impacts the way you act in your current relationships.

You can learn how to connect with others authentically and without having your guard up.  We can explore the source of your struggles and move beyond feeling stuck

You don’t want to focus solely on symptoms – you want to get to the core.

You’re ready to do what it takes to get there and stop feeling so trapped.

You’re ready to understand why you feel what you feel.  

It’s time to dive in.