Mindfulness-Based Therapy

It’s been so hard for you to focus.

You’ve taken on way too much because you have such a hard time saying no. Your mind is going all over the place and you feel so nervous about getting everything done. 

The nagging voice in your head has you in a never-ending cycle of worrying about the future and obsessing over mistakes made in the past. You’re looking for a therapist to help you feel calm. 

You didn’t always feel like your life was so stressful. You used to enjoy what yourself without feeling so tense and stressed. You miss the excitement that you would experience from your success.

Yet, somewhere along the way, you started do too much for others and now you feel like your life is on autopilot.

No matter how hard you try, days just feel like they’re on repeat. 

Now you’re afraid you’re never going to experience ease and calmness. It feels impossible with how distracted you always feel. Sometimes it gets so bad that you can’t sleep because your mind just won’t shut off.  

You’re ready to relieve this stress. You’re absolutely craving relaxation. You want to be fully present in your life without constantly thinking about the next thing on your list. 

Mindfulness-Based Therapy with Dr. Morgan Levy

Therapy incorporating mindfulness is intended to help you become aware of your current moment so that you can live a life that is meaningful to you. It’s your fear to look back and wonder where all the time has gone. 

We can work together to help you gain awareness and insight into what you’re feeling and thinking so that you can make the changes that you seek in your life. You can learn techniques (that are tailored to you) that help you deal with anxiety and stress.

You can become aware of your values and experience more peace and relaxation. 

You want to live your life without being on autopilot.

You’re ready to live in the moment.